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A mashup of things I find cool

Weeaboo on the MSPAF is me.

Background by Tehkar on DA

This tumblr will most likely have NSFW stuff, so be careful.

You can call me Tcap since that's what I'm used to right now. If you ask me something rudely I won't answer to that since why bother with someone who doesn't have anything better to do than smack on somebody who they don't like for whatever reason.

I am known to facetouch so be careful.
I mostly RP on the forums now, but I do like to go on Tumblr reblog rampages. I usually only reblog the best stuff, nothing shitty. I am the best at not shitty reblogs.

I like cheesie fries.
Apr 21 '14


Time to clean up all this 420 talk from my dashimage

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Apr 21 '14


Christians this 4/20 be like


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Apr 20 '14

I don’t want it to be easter anymore


I don’t want it to be easter anymore

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Apr 20 '14

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Apr 20 '14



I watch this disturbing video every easter

The entirely pastel backgrounds are what make this a masterpiece. 

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