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There is a cat being a mama to a baby bunny.

My day just got a little bit better. ;A;

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Because why go outside (gasp!) and get involved when you can just like and reblog posts from the comfort of your home.

Because sometimes you’re young, and can’t leave your area, or parents won’t let You get involved. so the only thing you can do is spread the message so someone who can help will see it. 

"Aaaand made a comic to make people feel bad about themselves, when I’m not doing anything either. Gee that was good use of my time." 

Or you’re disabled or ill and need to use your limited energy to keep yourself safe and well, but can spare a little energy for a reblog now and then.  Or maybe you live far away from where protests are happening, or have no transportation, or need the money you could spend on transportation to a protest to actually feed yourself or your family.

Or maybe you’re focused on improving things in your own community in small ways, and just reblog info about activism happening outside your community.  Or maybe you’re a student who has realized that getting a degree and working to fix the system from the inside will do more than standing on a street corner with a sign ever could.

Or maybe the issues being protested are so important to you, that joining a police-opposed protest could be re-traumatizing for you, but spreading the information and donating online makes you feel helpful while also keeping yourself safe.  Or maybe you belong to an oppressed class, and getting an arrest on your police record could seriously impact your ability to find and keep work.

There are lots of reasons people who support a cause might not join a protest supporting that cause.  To dismiss those reasons as laziness is to dismiss the actual real barriers put in the path of marginalized people, especially when it comes to activism and freedom of speech.  Please, protest if you’re able, volunteer if you’re able, but don’t shame those who are unable to for a whole host of reasons.